In fact, if possible, you should only wash your shirts with other shirts, while separating colors from white. You must take care of your shirt before you take it out of the store. I’ve been in retro football kits the club shops for some great clubs including AC Milan, FC Barcelona, Real Mallorca, Paris St. Germain, Marseille and Ajax Amsterdam. I have also been to many other sports shops across Europe.

The excitement of the trip will shake off the detergent and water enough to make you soak enough. Acrylic jersey showcases offer the best of all worlds for many people. These provide UV protection and protection against heat and moisture when stored in a reasonably controlled environment. Many are very affordable and take up less space than glass cabinets. Some are even designed to be stackable, perfect for long-term storage. Flat storage, especially in a display case, does not emphasize the garment with the hangar and if you have selected the correct sports case it will keep the ultraviolet light out.

In 2008, German club FC Bayern Munich received € 25 million in sponsorship money from Deutsche Telekom. However, Spanish clubs FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao refused to release sponsor logos on their shirts in 2005. Until 2011, Barcelona refused to pay sponsors to use the UNICEF logo on their shirts and donated € 1.5 million annually to charity. Players also started to enter into sponsorship agreements with individual companies. In 1974 Johan Cruijff refused to use the strip of the Dutch national team because his brand Adidas was in violation of his own individual contract with Puma, and he was allowed to use a version without the Adidas brand.

Usually it is impossible to remove the letters without damaging the fabric. Instead, buy a matching sweater fabric and attach the new numbers or letters (iron or sewn) to the fabric. Then sew the square or rectangle by hand or by machine on the sweater.

The high prices charged for replicas have also led many fans to buy fake shirts imported from countries like Thailand and Malaysia. Yes, the shirts can be put in the dryer at low temperatures. The actual temperature often does not match the temperature on the dial. Remove the shirts directly from the drum after the washing cycle and do not leave them wet. Hot water can cause fading, shrinkage and letter damage. Viewers can wash a jersey once a season to keep it in good condition unless spilled liquids need to be cleaned.

Smooth machine wash is required to prevent damage to your shirt (and we’ll do it in a minute). However, this is often not enough to remove stains caused by grass, dirt, sweat, ketchup drops and spilled soft drinks. Most spots can be treated with a mixture of a part of white vinegar and two parts of water. Immerse the stained area directly in the mixture or use a soft brushy toothbrush to brush it on the spots.

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