To seal the wellbore from contemporary water, cement is pumped into the opening and forced upward, which creates a watertight seal. Gulf Coast Western serves because the Managing Venturer of Oil & Gas General Partnerships otherwise often identified as Joint Ventures. The original literature suggested a review of partners a circulate rate at max ~9 x what the flow rate is actually working in Barrels of Oil per day. I felt it would be an excellent investment on the midpoint of their literature on the second nicely.

They have been in business since 1970 and have seen many advances in the business. I acquired a cold call to invest in GCW from a “senior vice president” who made it sound like he was high on the food chain with the corporate. I had him ship the packet of information which made his offer look too good to be true. The fact that a senior vp was making cold calls was the first pink flag.

In addition, Gulf Coast Western can make certain that every associate understands the workings of the oil and fuel trade. At Gulf Coast Western, CEO Matthew Fleeger locations a high value on investor communication. This follow instructions respect from the company’s companions and other trade professionals. Over time, mutually beneficial relationships often lead to subsequent funding opportunities.

I would have to agree that the money sent GCW was “not a passive investment or activity.” But that’s what I am on the lookout for – being a passive investor. I hadn’t had time to fetch and browse the fabric before he referred to as. He offered a for a lot longer high-energy gross sales pitch on the second call.

Alternatively, the individual has had joint revenue of no less than $300,000 in every of the 2 most up-to-date years. In both case, the individual fairly expects to realize the same earnings degree in the course of the current 12 months. Must be a person who has a web price (not including their primary residence’s value) and private property, over total liabilities, individually or along with that of their spouse this current day, of more than $1 million.

As they have not had a historical past with any success in drilling for oil, their earnings come from collecting funds from unknowing investors. I think that they’ve main challenges that they are prone to be ignoring. There are at least two massive authorized corporations now working in the Internet and phone solicitation market. There are blogs like this which may be informing potential investors of the downside of GCW.

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