Enigma Machines German coding devices are rare and are sold at auction by thousands. Terri and I recently bought a nice old collection of uniforms from the United States military. US From World War I, including a group identified as a 5th USMC Marine Regiment that fought in France in 1918. We will list them on Friday September 4 with 20 uniforms and the rest will be distributed on our daily updates next week. We have been active for over 40 years and offer our customers high-quality, reasonably priced, military surpluses and genuine military collectibles, primarily specialized in the United States military. We are now open to business after moving to a new location.

Whether you are only interested in military memories or have an innate desire to preserve history, there are elements of great value if you are willing to invest the time to explore them and the money to acquire them. On Sunday, June 25, 1876, the United States military planned to conquer the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho Warriors. That day, one of these warriors dropped this sword while dragging the general.

Knowing the value of an item can help an owner negotiate a shipment or determine if he has found the right dealer to sell his collectibles, either in a store or through an auction. According to Alexander Historical Auctions president Bill Panagopulos, he received the golden flag from the person who bought it at the Connecticut sale. Panagopulos’ pre-auction estimate for the item was $ 10,000, but he admitted he really couldn’t accurately predict final sales. FAIRFORD, UK – A viewer will showcase his collection of airplane patches and souvenirs at the Royal International Air Tattoo 2017 in RAF Fairford, UK on July 14, 2017.

To get the most out of a sale, families need to find auction houses specializing in what they’re trying to sell, or sell the items on a site like eBay. Verderame, who has a PhD in art history and has built up a brand as an appraiser, has a video chat assessment service and a personal consultancy to help customers determine the value of their products. The McCoids sold the colonel’s collection at Ingraham Auctions in Coventry, Connecticut, where a collector soviet collectibles picked up the flag. Eight months later, it was released in a catalog by Alexander Historical Auctions, Chesapeake City, Maryland as “a surprising remnant of a desperate war.”.” A few weeks before the Vander Beek sale, another flag was auctioned, a flag allegedly the last battle flag of the United States to leave Vietnam. It sold for $ 55,000, more than three times the pre-auction estimate and twice the amount of the army colonel’s family.

We have a wide range of military antiquities and redundant government problems REALLY from World War I, Vietnam and the Desert Storm to the present. Our inventory mainly consists of military items for the military, navy, naval corps and air force. USA And some military treasures from Soviet Russia, Britain and Germany. He fought all over the world, gathered Germany’s military presence, and after his friend Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was murdered, he sided with Austria-Hungary and unleashed war with Russia he wanted. That changed in World War I, which turned the trenches into a meat grinder for German troops while people were starving at home. In 1918 he had lost the support of his party, people and army and was exiled to the Netherlands, which had remained neutral during the war.

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