Before joining Shipp, Needham and Durham, he spent more than twenty years in the banking, financial and insurance industries. As an expert, he has testified on various matters related to corporate damage, personal injury, commercial bankruptcy and commercial valuation. Dr. Needham has published articles in the fields of financial economics and forensic economics and has given presentations on continuing education in professional economics, vocational rehabilitation and law school meetings. The experts mainly believed about the loss of income or additional costs of the party that hired them. All healthcare consumers ultimately pay the cost of these prices through their health insurance premiums or cash costs. Without a maximum limit of non-quantifiable losses, a domino effect occurs.

We have in-depth experience in all aspects of dispute resolution and international arbitration, including disputes, as well as claims on trade and investment treaties. In cases where a patient is severely disabled due to an injury to medical care, a “typical” award for loss of wages, medical care costs, only rehabilitation economic damage analysis expert witness costs or other economic losses can have a present value of $ 5 to $ 8 million. Financial modeling applies statistical analysis to the mathematical construction of financial accounting and reporting to develop a mathematical model for solving a specific prospective financial or accounting problem.

In the United States, compensation for damages is subject to the restrictions imposed by a fair trial of the legal clauses of the fifth and fourteenth amendments to the United States Constitution. This could be lost income that the claimant may have had to obtain during the period when the factory was closed and rebuilt. The claimant will make special damage to the claimant for the quantifiable monetary losses suffered by the claimant. For example, additional costs, repair or replacement of damaged property, loss of profit, loss of irreplaceable items, additional operating costs, etc. The recovery of damage by a claimant in a lawsuit is subject to the legal principle that damage must be caused primarily by the wrongful conduct of the suspect. This principle governs the recovery of all compensatory damage, whether the underlying claim is based on contract, complaint or both.

There is still a risk that the expected profit level will not be reached. Therefore, the next step is to discount damage for lost profit to the present value, discounting the basic calculation of the necessary lost profit / damage. A dollar is more valuable today than a dollar within a year, as current dollars can be invested to generate more than a dollar a year from now on (temporary value of money) and the uncertainty that you could never get that dollar in the future . For most commercial damage contracts, an expert will prepare a report on lost income and handle the case. In both situations, the matter is resolved without the expert knowing the impact of his report on the result.

Therefore, a qualified claims expert is often required to assist both lawyers and parties in accurately determining loss damage. When a personal injury claim is settled in court or out of court, the most common compensation is paid through a flat-rate grant in the full and final solution of the claim. Once accepted, no further compensation can be granted at a later date unless the claim is resolved for preliminary damage often found in claims for accidents at work, such as asbestos-related injuries. In certain areas of the law, another head of damage has long been available, so the defendant must declare the profit made by a civil error in the return.

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